General News Sun, 6 Aug 2017

Fire destroys ADB building in Savelugu

Furniture, air conditioners, computers, documents, and other accessories have been damaged or destroyed after a fire ripped through the inner offices of the building of the Agriculture Development Bank in Savelugu.

Eyewitnesses narrated the blaze believed to have been caused by a faulty electric gadget broke out Sunday dawn and destroyed entirely all items inside the Bank with the exception of the vault and one operation room where the Automatic Teller Machine is being controlled.

The Manager’s desk was also not affected but the ceiling wasn’t spared.

Reports indicate that residents nearby noticed a logged of smoke coming out of the premises and contacted the Fire Service.

The fire fighters responded rapidly but had to abort fighting the flames and raced to the police station, distance kilometers from the scene for keys to unlock the bank before getting access to launch a full attack.

The firemen didn’t break into the building to combat the blaze for the fear of a possible legal suit.

Though the fire was brought under control the building damaged significantly on the inside, the wooding ceiling was burnt completely and office tools, some razed down to ashes, Starr News’ Northern regional correspondent reported from the scene.

An investigation is already underway but sources within the municipal fire department attributed the cause of the fire to a large load in the uninterrupted Power Supply which emitted through a wire in the operation room.

Damaged air conditioners were plucked out and strewn across the back of the building. Power supply was cut and all services including ATM were immediately suspended.

Northern regional spokesman for the Fire Service Department, Officer Opoku Aikins confirmed the destruction but said he was waiting for a full report from the servicemen deployed to the scene.

The branch manager declined a request for comments and said a statement would be released soon by his superiors.

Source: Starrfmonline.com