Forget patriotism and go for the money - Sam Johnson to footballers

Mon, 2 Dec 2019 Source: Ghana Guardian

Former Black Stars player Sam Johnson has told footballers who play for the various national teams to demand their pound of flesh from their pay masters.

According to the former player almost everyone keeps quiet about monies being paid to other people in other sectors but immediately the issue of footballers monies come on board everyone realizes there is a word like patriotism.

"If you like it or not I will say it we don’t pay our players well, the energy they exert they get weak.

You can see a player play so well in the first 45 minutes but after the 5oth minute you will see that the person is weak."

"Master the job we are doing is for money even our wives we have kids with at home it’s a bit of love and a bit of money else they can leave you."

"Always when it comes to footballers that we realize that patriotism exist all we say when it comes to footballers is love your nation but my friend that era is past and gone." he told Kumasi based Akoma Fm.

He says players who get injured while playing for the various national teams are left to their fate so they should demand whatever is due them while they are still very actively playing football.

"Some of the players got injured playing for the nation and where are they now? Baba Rahman got injured playing for Ghana at the Afcon and he has never been the same since then but the nation is moving on without him."

"Where is Jerry Akaminko? He was playing for Ghana and got injured but the nation has moved on since without him."

"So when they are player we must give them what is due and stop complaining it is too much."

"They can be there and we will not be there If there are no footballers there is no football so we should take very good care of them." he advised.

Source: Ghana Guardian
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