General News Tue, 30 Sep 1997

Forum To Enhance Implementation Of Accra Sustainable Programme Opens

A Consultative forum on informal sector activities in the Accra Metropolis is taking place in Accra Metropolis is taking place in Accra. The meeting is to help provide solutions that will enhance the implementation of the Accra Sustainable Programme, which began two years ago. The programme is being implemented by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly with the support of the UN Development Programme and the UN Centre for Human Settlement. At the opening session on Tuesday 23 September the Deputy Greater Accra Regional Minister, Mr.. Amos Buertey, said the fast rate at over to the districts. The AMA, therefore, has to take into consideration the activities of operators in the informal sector in its planning process in order to control them. Mr.. Buertey said though operators in this sector contribute a lot to the income of the AMA, it is also true that they have created a lot of problems for the Assembly. What the Assembly, therefore, needs to do is to recognise their existence and find ways of dealing with them without sacrificing their contribution to its revenue and the national economy.



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