General News Fri, 31 May 2019

Founder of Bohye Prayer Camp blasts fake prophets; calls for regulation of churches

Elder Bismark Amoah, founder and leader of Bohye Prayer Camp Ministry located in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital would be awarded with doctorate degree from Ternopil National Economic University in Ukraine come July 13, 2019 at the Great Hall of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

The man of God would be given the award for his gross resistance against false prophets, prophecies and the enormous leadership achievements demonstrated in the inistry of Christ.

In a citation presented by Mr. Isaac Rockson, communications strategist of Confederation of Governance Assessment Institute (COGAI) and Bureau of Research on Governance, Commerce and Administration (BORGCA) on behalf of Ternopil National Economic University, Ukraine last Wednesday ahead of the main event slated for July.

The citation of honour for Elder Bismark Amoah read “In recognition of your gross resistance against falsehood and the enormous leadership achievements demonstrated in the Ministry of Christ.”

Mr Rockson said “The citation was given to the man of God on merit. COGAI also gave a trophy to the two ministers of the gospel as a result of the impact this minister of God is making.”

Elder Bismark Amoah’s boundless vision as a great man of God has transformed many lives, giving hope, fulfilling purposes and gratifying his ministry with signs and wonders.

Again, his commitment and dedication by bringing the most renowned and powerful ministers of GOD to fight against false prophets and prophesies is unmatched, leading to the fortification of churches, today.

Mr. Isaac Rockson announced that, after assessing his achievements in Ghana and beyond, the ‘’TERNOPIL NATIOANAL ECONOMIC UNIVERSITY’’ will confer upon him a ‘’Doctorate of Philosophy’’ (Honorary Degree) under the auspices of the ‘’CONFEDERATION OF GOVERNANCE ASSESSMENT INSTITUTE’’ – COGAI. ’TERNOPIL NATIONAL ECONOMIC UNIVERSITY’.

Rockson told the congregation after the presentation that, the research team, thus, Bureau of Research on Governance, Commerce and Administration(BORGA) had monitored the activities of Bohye Prayer Camp for the past four years.

According to him, they sent the sick, mentally derailed persons and other persons with health related issues to his camp to really know if elder Bismark Amoah is a true man of God.

But after monitoring and assessing his works, it was concluded that the man of God deserves to be honoured.

It was revealed during the monitoring by BORGCA that, the man of God is against the selling of anointing oils, apples and other items in churches, he is strongly against pastors selling Lotto numbers to church members, and the deprived.

The pastor does not take credit for himself when he is able to heal the sick or performs miracles. He always give God the credit.

Receiving the citation, Elder Bismark Amoah was humbled and dedicated the award to the most high God.

He used the occasion to call on colleague prophets to preach the true gospel of Christ and to desist from duping church members in the name of God.

He lambasted pastors who bath peoples’wives in the name of God, selling Lotto numbers and doing business for their selfish gains in the name of God

Source: Ayisah Foster