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Fraud At Birth And Death Registry: Muntaka?'s Man Fingered

The man in the controversial Muntanka pampers case that rocked the Ministry of Youth and Sports some three years ago is at his games again in his new post as the Director of Birth and Death Registry Department under the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

Though demoted, insiders in the department have hinted _The True Statesman_ that Mr. Albert Anthony Ampong, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports at the time of the Muntanka case, finds himself comfortable in his new post because he has the free hand to run the place with an iron hand, with the connivance of his deputy, Mr. Ignatius Akwesi Faibi.

The sources indicated that the two are involved in massive corruption in the department, and that in order to cover up their dubious activities, Mr. Ampong is conniving with his deputy to succeed him.

Mr. Ampong has, reportedly, reached his retiring age, and will be going on retirement this year.

Insiders call him “very cunning and diabolic”, and told _The True Statesman_ that “he is lording himself over the staff as the Director with an iron fist, thereby abusing the rights of many of his subordinates”.


In addition, they say that he “is engaging in indiscriminate and illegal termination of appointments and transfer of staff and condoning fraudulent activities perpetrated by his right hand man who also acts as his deputy director, Mr. Akwasi Faibi”.

Recently, the insiders said, Mr. Ampong embarked on a witch- hunting scheme against a section of his staff who are believed to be pro- NDC and Gas that witnessed the immediate transfer of some workers

Documents available to _The True Statesman_ reveal how birth registration documents of Mr. Faibi have been falsified on several occasions, sometimes reducing his age to make him four or fifteen (4 or 15) times younger than his real age in official documents to fleece other public institutions, including SSNIT.

“Interestingly, the issue of Mr. Faibi’s birth date falsification is public knowledge here, but due to the intimidating and obnoxious nature of the Director, none of his staff dare question the unfortunate developments going on within this department”, said a staff.

Speaking to this reporter, Mr. Ampong confirmed that there are rumours of forgery going around the Death and Birth Registry Department, but has nobody has brought documentary prove to back those claims.


“There are lots of noise about forgery, but I haven’t seen anyone produce evidence, this is an attempt to tarnish my hard won image”, Mr Ampong said.

_The True Statesman_ can confirm that a petition is pending at the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, the supervising ministry, on the matter.

We can also confirm that there is uneasy calm at the Birth and Death Registry Department and that things may get out of hand if steps are not taken to remedy the situation.

The True statesman


Source: The True statesman