General News Wed, 27 Nov 2002

Frustration Kills 51 Workers

AT LEAST, 51 workers from the distressed Bonsa Tyres Factory at Bonsa in the Western Region, are reported to have died out of frustration for not receiving their severance awards, two years after the company folded up.

Sadly enough, the surviving workers, most of whom are now wretched have not yet received their package either, and have resorted to flocking the MP?s office, demanding to know when the factory would start work again.

The MP for Tarkwa Nsuem, Hon. Mrs. Gifty Eugenia Kusi, announced these in Parliament in her contribution to a statement on African Industrilisation Day, read by

Nana Asante-Frimpong, MP for Kwabre, and chairman for the committee on Trade, Industry and Tourism.

Hon. Kusi observed that she was bringing to the notice of the NPP Government (her own government) the problem confronting two of the most important industries in the Western Region and for that matter, Ghana.


The industries involved according to her are Bonsa Tyre Factory and the Aboso Glass Factory.

She hinted that the Bonsa Tyre Factory is the only factory in Ghana, and has broken down about two years ago.

Hon. Kusi noted that the raw material for the factory is rubber, which the Ghana Rubber Estate Limited (GREL) was producing besides other substantial raw materials GREL imports.

The MP urged government to consider rehabilitating this factory, since in Ghana, every vehicle uses tyres to move from one place to another.

She observed that besides creating employment, the country would also benefit since it would stop importing second hand-tyres, most of which are worn-out and become unserviceable in no time.


On the Aboso Glass Factory, Hon. Kusi stated that it used to be the only glass factory in the country, and with its collapse, Ghana now has to import glass and bottles, etc.

The MP contended that among the reasons why the company was closed down is the fact that it owes the Electricity Company of Ghana.

She argued that whatever the reason or problems that led to the closure of these companies, government should consider reactivating them in order that the workers who were rendered redundant could be reinstated.

This way, their families would have some income and the Wassa West District would have some of their unemployment problems curtailed.

Source: Daily Guide