Full fight: Isaac Dogboe vs Emmanuel Navarrete

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Sun, 9 Dec 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The first round featured an exchange of jabs and hooks by both boxers, though the 12-round boxing bout was mostly dominated by the Mexican.

Navarrete nearly knocked out the Royal Storm in the second round with a powerful left hook followed by a combination of hooks and jabs, but Dogboe stood his ground. Navarrete ended the round with a cut on the left side of his hairline.

It seemed fatigue set in from the third round as Isaac Dogboe’s ferocity seemed to have waned, with most of his jabs and hooks failing to make any impact.

Navarrete charged after Dogboe during the fifth round, landed some right hands and had him in retreat. By the sixth round, both of Dogboe's eyes were swelling as well as a swelling on the left side of his face. Navarette injured his right hand in the eighth round, creating an opening for Dogboe who applied intense pressure but the injured Mexican withstood it and fired back.

Dogboe landed a right hand behind the head that dropped Navarrete in the ninth round but referee Benjy Esteves did not call it because it was an illegal punch.

Navarrete had Dogboe in some trouble in the 11th round as Dogboe's left eye was nearly closed and he might not have been able to see the punches coming. His legs also looked unsteady as Navarrete chased him around the ring.

In the final round, Navarrete, who won his 21st fight in a row, continued to come forward and Dogboe, whose face was a mess, grabbed on to Navarrete whenever he got close.

According to CompuBox punch statistics, Navarrete landed 221 of 804 punches (28 percent) and Dogboe connected with 176 of 686 (26 percent).

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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