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GFA ExCo member Kojo Yankah questions relevance of liaison team

Western regional football Association chairman Kojo Yankah has questioned the work of the CAF/FIFA liaison team.

Yankah stated that FIFA only assigned the liaison officers to make sure that the various junior national teams don’t miss out on their impending assignments.

“The letter from FIFA on the two liaison officers doesn’t give them the right to organise football in Ghana. FIFA didn’t give them any mandate to call meetings and discuss football” he told Happy FM Sports

“Their job is to see to it that women’s U20 make it to the world cup and the men’s U17 make it to Niger. How does this translate to them meeting with GHALCA asking them to write their problems to them”


The outspoken football administrator also mentioned that government has no power and also no one outside football can run the globular leather in the country.

“Nobody outside football can manage football. Fifa won’t allow none football person to run the football.”

“Government doesn’t have power over football but only the company situated in the country. The government can’t tell us what to do” He reiterated.

Kojo Yankah also accused members who attended the recent GHALCA meeting as NPP members.

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