Press Releases Thu, 26 Jan 2006


When the founders and planners of our independence were deciding on the symbol of our sovereignty, they chose the ?coat of arms? ? putting Ghana?s sovereignty into the hands of Giant Eagles. This choice was no mistake at all. Today, the security in the country is a true manifestation of what the fathers of the nation really wanted it to be. Freedom and Justice!

Over the last four years, our security has seen tremendous boost by way of protecting human lives and human rights as well as property. It is this kind of environment that can be called a secured nation. Given our history, this is a journey worth celebrating and we need to congratulate ourselves for it. We must safeguard this buildup for the good of all.

70% of the youth interacted with (by Youth for Action Ghana) across the nation were of the conviction that Ghana is better of with the crop of security apparatus we have today. Of course there has been some casualties in maintaining security in the country and a lot more need to done to improve the living conditions of the masses; we need to take care of the deplorable situations in our schools; the healthcare of our people must be paramount on the agenda; and job security should be worked on seriously too. This calls for the collective pull-up of sleeves to get Ghana on going. The blame game cannot fit in this at all.


The grounds work has been done for the achievement of a better Ghana. We enjoy true freedom of expression. Rumors of war are no longer swept under the carpet to eventually grow into dinosaurs that will haunt us forever. There are no longer criminal abductions and silent killings. There is rule of law. We have moved on as a nation. Lets all take pride in that. Nonetheless, we must also be grateful to those who have sailed the ship this far ? the National Security Apparatus.

The Eagles that were purposed to lift our sovereignty are the citizenry especially those appointed to the high offices to coordinate security in Ghana. We believe Ghana is doing well. Lets protect this hard won reputation and do away with all manner of speculations that end up casting mockery on us. That way, we will be making Ghana a true nation of Freedom and Justice. God bless our homeland Ghana!

James Kwabena Bomfeh Jnr Executive Director
Youth for Action Ghana
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Source: Youth for Action Ghana