General News Fri, 9 May 2003

GLB workers embark on sit-down strike

Workers of the Ghana Library Board (GLB) in Accra on Thursday embarked on a sit-down strike to demand "a holistic correction" in the salary structure which, they said, should be pegged at the levels of their colleagues at the Ghana Education Service (GES).

The workers, some of who were wearing red bands on their arms and heads, have also hoisted red flags at the main gate of the Accra Central Library.

Speaking to the GNA, Mr Alex Huntley Sackitey, Chairman of the Local Union of the GLB, said they would continue their action until the government gave a positive response.

"As at now the two major libraries in Accra; Accra Central Library and George Padmore Library are closed."

Mr Sackitey said the strike was a nation-wide one and all libraries operating under the GLB have been closed down.

He said the workers had since April 2002 sent resolutions to government through the Ministry of Education (MoE) to correct their salary structure, but the have received no response.


He said follow-ups were made to the government but to no avail.

Mr Sackitey described the salary structure of the GLB as bad saying they were earning lower than librarians at the GES.

He said workers of the GLB were professionals, with their lowest qualification being a Diploma, yet their colleagues at the GES, some of who have only SSS certificates, were receiving higher pay.

Mr Sackitey said in the early 1980s the salary of workers at the GLB was at par with those from Ghana Commercial Bank and Ghana Cocoa Board.

However, when the new salary structure was implemented they were placed in the same category as civil servants. Now, they are completely out of that salary structure.

Source: gna