GTA Audit Committee eager to promote accountability - Board chair

GTA Audit Committee File photo; Members of the GTA audit committee

Thu, 17 May 2018 Source: thefinderonline.com

Board Chairperson of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), Ms Adelaide Ahwireng says the Authority is ready to subject itself to scrutiny to promote transparency and accountability in public service.

“We are ready to subject ourselves to scrutiny; we are ready to open our books to anybody who wants to look into them,” Ms Ahwireng said as she inaugurated the five-member audit committee.

She noted that the Public Financial Management (PFM) Act, 2016 demanded that all MMDAs must have audit committees.

The formation and inauguration of the Committee was proof of the Authority’s adherence to probity, transparency and accountability.

Madam Ahwireng pledged the cooperation of staff with the Committee members in the conduct of their work, adding “we intend to make the work of the Committee as easy and smooth as possible for the benefit of all and sundry.”

She however was also hopeful that the Committee will produce sincere reports “and feedback on whatever you see.”

“We know that auditing is not something that many are comfortable with and indeed auditors are not friends of the general public but we want to make you our friends because we have nothing to hide,”

She promised the cooperation of the Board, management and staff with the Committee, “to bring your work to a fruitful and meaningful completion.”

The Acting Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency, Mr Ransford Agyei described the work of the Committee as a very important one in the PFM system, stressing “the responsibilities of the Audit Committee add to the effectiveness of public accountability, transparency, operational and financial performance, safeguarding and efficient use of public assets and purse.”

He noted that the Committee was being inaugurated in order for the GTA to fulfill one of its responsibilities under the PFM Act and all other financial laws and regulations which guide its activities, transactions and actions.

The formation, membership, roles or functions, reporting and responsibilities of Audit Committees are patent in the PFM Act 2016.

The Audit Committee has mandatory, advisory roles and provides support to the internal auditing, monitoring unit and external scrutiny.

The D-G of the Audit Agency reminded the Committee members to be abreast with the laws, policies and rules of the GTA.

He requested the Board Chairperson to make available to members of the Committee “all relevant policy documents including strategic plans, work plans, the 2018 budget and the PFM Act 921.”

Source: thefinderonline.com