Gberbie Family are owners of Prampram lands

Thu, 18 May 2017 Source: ghananewsagency.org

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The Principal Elders of Gberbie Family have warned the public against media claims by quacks who claim to be owners of Prampram lands in the Greater Accra Region.

The Elders described as absolute display of ignorance one of such publications that alleged that the Gberbie Family had no lands in Prampram.

A document signed by six elders of the Family said: “It must be understood loud and clear that Prampram lands are the heritage property  of the Gberbie’s dating back some 600+ years ago, that is 1410 AD or there about.

“Gberbie’s ancestors led by Lartey Asture Benta Gberbie settled on Prampram lands as virgin lands and by their intelligence, wisdom and fortitude made it their settlement with Ningo as their eastern neighbours, Kpone as their western neighbours, Larteh at the north and the Atlantic Ocean at the south. 

“The colonial British Government recognised the Gberbies as the owners of Prampram lands and bought the Police station land from the Gberbie’s and paid £11.10’s to the Gberbie’s and documented the deal with the hand of the head of family at the time on the 6 March 1889,” the document said.

It said in 1929 the Head of Family of Gberbie wem Numo Tei Numo Gberbie gave out one mile square land at Dawhwenya to one Bossman to redeem Prampram when the then Chief and the Mankralo had pledge the township to Bossman for £200 and had no money to pay.

“ We task everybody interested and concerned to search from the National archives the Akuapim quarterly report of September 1921 CSMP21048/21 on native affairs, this will help check arrogant and false claims we are hearing and will also make everybody know his root and how their ancestors got to settle in Prampram.” 

The Family said Larkpleh was the officially known settlement of the Gberbies.

The document said the name Hosue since time memorial was Gberbie Wem whilst Ayiku was the deity of Gberbie that was why some referred to the Hosue as Gberbie-Ayiku or Ayiku-Gberbie.

Source: ghananewsagency.org