General News Wed, 31 Oct 2018

Ghana Building Code will standardize construction in Ghana - Ing. Attipoe-Denyah

The Chairman of the 20-member committee that reviewed the draft of the Ghana Building Code (GhBC), Ing. Seth Bright Attipoe-Denyah has said that, the code will ensure standardization in the construction industry.

According to him, the code will determine the standards required for all construction works.

“The price differences in the construction of buildings in Ghana should not be much depending on the proximity of the raw materials used” he said.

Ing. Attipoe-Denyah said, the code is for public consumption to wit private individuals, companies and tenants can demand for the quality of materials used in the construction of the house they rent.

“You have to know what has gone into your building so that it doesn’t fall on you” he stressed.

The Ghana Building Code

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), developed the Building Code together with stakeholders within the housing industry.

The Building Code is a set of rules that specify the standards from constructed objects such as building and non-building structures and which regulates the design and construction of these structures. It focuses on public health, safety, welfare, fire protection, structural efficiency and environmental integrity of the users.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com