Sports News Mon, 29 Aug 2016

Ghana Premier League unattractive – Attram

Former Black Stars midfielder, Godwin Attram, has echoed the view of Sports Minister Nii Lantey Vanderpuye that the Ghana Premier League (GPL) as unappealing.

The minister intimated last week that the poor nature of the league was the cause of its inability to gain corporate sponsorship. Mr Vanderpuye’s comment was not taken lightly by the Premier League Board and the Ghana Football Association who debunked the assertion that the league was unattractive.

But speaking to Class Sports, Attram agreed the league was unattractive.

“Our league is really down if one has to speak the truth. The minister said last week that the league was unattractive, and you had people from the FA coming out to speak against it. There are a lot of issues confronting our league which I think are not being handled well; issues with poor officiating, bribery, among others. A player is demoralised even before travelling for a game because he fears officiating will go against his team. So, I really think our league is unattractive,” he told Hussein Hassan.

Attram urged the Sports Ministry and the GFA to smoke the peace pipe, in order to shore up the game.

“The quarrel and the misunderstanding right now will not help any situation. It must stop. We need to unite to build our football. Facilities have to be improved... because it is the only way our game can meet the standard around the world,” he added.

Source: classfmonline.com