General News Tue, 24 Oct 2000

Ghana congratulates UN on 55th anniversary

Ghana on Monday congratulated the UN on its 55th anniversary, especially for its unceasing efforts to promote the culture of peace to ensure that mankind lives in peace and security. It said in a statement to mark UN Day, which falls on Tuesday, that in recent times, the world has witnessed with great anguish, an escalation of conflicts, which threaten to erode the world body's achievements.

It said it is, however, gratifying to note that the presence of the UN, through its special envoys and peacekeeping forces at various hotspots, continues to bring hope to traumatised populations.

This also "underscores the fact that the UN represents a force for good in the current international system." The statement said the UN was still capable of greater accomplishments in the face of depressing conditions in many parts of the developing world.

In those parts of the world, millions of people, mostly women and children, are exposed to daily experiences of hunger, disease, malnutrition, NIV/AIDS, poverty and the cruel consequences and conflicts.

Ghana reiterated its support for the reforms initiated by UN Chief Kofi Annan, saying that it is convinced that, through a transformation and revitalisation of its institutional structure, the UN would prove to be more efficient, relevant and representative in meeting its challenges.

"We will therefore continue to play an active role in the United Nations in the confidence that the eventual realisation of the organisation's noble purposes and objectives will promote a stable, prosperous and just world order."

Ghana, which this year celebrated 40 years of participation in UN peacekeeping duties, said it would continue to participate in them. "The sacrifices which our gallant men and women of the Ghana Armed Forces have made towards restoring conditions of stability in many parts of the world and, particularly, in our sub-region, have attracted international attention and appreciation."

Ghana said changes in the international environment have brought prosperity to some and untold hardships others. It is for this reason, it said, that the issues addressed by the recent Millennium Summit, including HIV/AIDS, poverty eradication, peace and security, still constitute the agenda for the current session.

"They (issues) not only underpin the future existence of the organisation but also ensure the very existence of human kind. The United Nations remains the hope of all mankind for a better future in which young and small developing countries can develop in peace and security."

Source: GNA