Ghana is headed for 'doom' if the economy can't be fixed under NPP's economic 'gurus' - Ghanaians

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Wed, 3 Apr 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Some Ghanaians have called on government to put in measures to ensure that the cedi depreciation is controlled and stabilized.

According to them, with the presence of abled men in the country, if government fails to fix the current economic crisis then we are doomed as a country.

Speaking to Ghanaweb in an interview, a concerned citizen said “both the NDC and the NPP are not trying to help, now we always have to chase the dollars. If even we can’t match with other countries, there are certain things we also have to do so that we can be on top of them.”

Another citizen added that if as a nation with a lot of economics can’t fix the economy then Ghana is headed for doom

He said “I think the economic management team we have now are one of the best we have in the country, so sometimes I wonder if they cannot fix this economic crisis, then Ghana we don’t have much hope.”

They also appealed to government to ensure that the cedi is sustained and well controlled to prevent future depreciation.

Some Ghanaians also expressed joy after the Vice president announced effective from April 4 there will be 50 per cent reduction on import duties for goods, they however urged government to ensure that they have control over what goods are imported into the country so as to avoid the import of some “useless good” or goods that are already manufactured in the country.

“Government should be selective concerning the import duties, there is some stuff that are coming into Ghana that are coming in to kill our local businesses.Some of those stuff should not be allowed into the country but stuff that are coming in to help to manufacture in Ghana”.

They also called on Ghanaians not politicize the current economic challenges but rather support the government in solving the problem for a better Ghana.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com