General News Thu, 14 Mar 2019

Ghana needs a comprehensive national security and safety policy - Adam Bonaa

Security Expert, Mr. Adam Bonaa, has said there is a need for Ghana to develop a comprehensive national security and safety policy that will inform how unsettling issues that arise in the country are approached and managed.

He said, currently Ghana has a comprehensive educational policy; a health policy and a road policy; why not a security and safety policy.

Mr. Bonaa made these comments on HSTV’s Morning Show, Healthy Morning when he guested on the show to discuss Togolese soldier’s illegal mission and its implications.

Touching on state of security at our borders, he described it as lax; emphasizing it is reason military personnel of neighboring countries can come into our territory and make arrests, like some Togolese personnel did recently.

He said it is unfortunate how government has still not made an official statement on this incident; and this is because as a country we do not have a national security and safety policy, “that is why government doesn’t even know it has to make a statement” he said.

Touching on ECOWAS, he said the union has considerably not been of benefit to Ghana since it has failed to foster easy movement and trading amongst its member countries, adding that, Ghana should in fact start thinking about exiting the ECOWAS.

On how to sustain peace in the country, the security expert, noted that Ghana must keep a close eye on its immigration issues like most countries are doing in parts of the world, “We are peaceful in nature, so if we are not careful people will take you for granted” he said, “Our security is something we don’t have to toy with. People migrating into this country come with their own way of life and if we don’t check it, it is going to affect and adulterate the way we as a people have lived over the years,” he added.

Source: HSTV News