General News Fri, 30 Nov 2001

Ghana needs a government of "Welfarism"

Mr. Dan Lartey, Leader of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP) on Thursday said that the best form of government for Ghana and Africa is a government of 'welfarism' - a blend between capitalism and socialism - to propel the country and the continent to economic independence.

He said, "entrenched political ideology of capitalist or socialist form of governance is no longer eligible and practicable in the 21st century democratic dispensation, hence the need for Ghana and Africa to adopt the best policies from each ideological block for good governance."

Mr. Lartey said in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra that 'welfarism' is an economic system of which capital owners organized and control the economy, while workers are properly remunerated and motivated to perform as well as being subjects to the share of the results of their labour.

He said remuneration under 'welfarism' is based on production to reduce waste of resource, apathy and build a sense of commitment and dedication to work.

The GCPP Leader explained that government's role would be to support capital owners by creating the enabling economic environment, conducive for private sector growth and implementing more pragmatic policies to woo and encourage local investors to create more jobs.


Government would also act as an arbitrator between management, capital owners and labour for fair deal among the social partners and ensure industrial peace necessary for increased productivity.

Mr. Lartey called for an urgent youth development policy to harness the enormous potential of the youth and direct it towards national development, saying, "Ghana and the rest of Africa would continue to lack behind until the future leaders are properly glommed to assume their real role of leadership.

He said that in most African countries the youth waste most of their hay days on unprofitable ventures, and misdirected priorities until they are of age to face economic realities with little or no practical experience. "The continent and country cannot developed based on uncertain youth."

On his political future and the future of GCPP, Mr. Lartey, 75, said he intend to lead the party to an electoral victory in 2004 and form a government that would aim at correcting the wrong and canker of society within his first term in office.

He noted that his age would not be any hindrance, to his quest to be the President of Ghana as youthfulness is a stage of mind.


He said that during his leadership the youth would be prepared to assume their proper role as future leaders of the nation.

Mr. Lartey said the GCPP's African Youth League Web-site (AYLWS) is the first step towards developing the youth to attain the potential early in life.

He said AYLWS would aim at identifying national economic ventures and resources, link it up youth with requisite qualifications and understanding to practical experience for the future.

He said regional network would be developed for the youth of Ghana and Africa to interact, share ideas and learn more about the country and the continent on a more direct format.

He said GCPP would also initiate programmes that would open up the rural and deprived areas to motivate the youth to help develop their communities instead of trooping to urban centers for non-existing white colour jobs.

Source: gna