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Ghana needs a president like me – Elikplim Agbemava

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Confident, self-assured, buoyant; few words to describe the personality of a man who is quite ‘new’ in the business but who is of the utmost conviction that he is the ideal ‘saviour’ for Ghanaians.

The lawyer believes his vision, values of integrity and honesty, passion and zeal are but a few of the qualities that make him best suitable for the position of a president in the next polls.

Taking his turn on Ghanaweb’s ’21 Minutes with KKB’, Mr. Agbemava said, “I believe I’m very qualified…and I believe that if given the opportunity, I’ll put my best efforts at the disposal of the people of Ghana…….I’m a better candidate because I bring honesty and integrity to the politics we have in Ghana”.

“I want to be the president of Ghana because I want to give power back to the people and after contesting the primaries, if I’m successful, then I’m going to implement a series of programs that will see the people benefit from their own government, that will see government being responsible to the needs of the people. As things stand now, I don’t have that feel”, he continued.

My vision is unprecedented

Mr. Agbemava believes policies and programs he intends to bring on board will to a large extent, transform the economy and the entire country on the whole. Though he admits past and present leaders have some quite remarkable visions and have put in some amount of work into building the nation, he is of the view that his vision; ‘bringing back integrity and accountability to politics and governance, improving the pace of development, refining and expanding on already existing policies’ among others, surpass those of his colleague contenders and hence will give Ghanaians enough reason to vote him as president.

“I’m going to increase the pace and do more of what has already been done, it’s a vision and nobody is best placed to implement the vision I have…..My chances are very good, I represent a very core constituency of the country which is the youth. It’s not just about the age, it’s also about the vision. My vision is superior to all my competitors’”, he told Ghanaweb’s Kwabena Kyenkyenhene Boateng.

“Cutting down the waste that we’ve been experiencing and also doing what the people want, complying fully with the constitution and making the basic amenities available to the people of Ghana”, he said are among his top key priorities.

“Things are being done but they are not being done enough. In years past, since independence, there’s always been a budget deficit and the issue of revenue generation is very important. If we have enough, we can do whatever we want to do, have all the luxury we want to have, provide good subsidies to our farmers and industries”, he noted.

I will bring integrity, honesty to bear as President

Mr. Agbemavi argued also that dishonesty and treachery on the political front has contributed a great deal to the rather slow rate of development the country has experienced over time. “Responsible politics’ as he terms it requires that politicians are ‘real’ and plain with citizens”.

“We must do responsible politics in Ghana that is what is most important. If we want to communicate with the people of Ghana, we must communicate to them in all honesty and explain to them what the real issues are and when they are called upon to take bigger tasks, we must be frank and let them know because the whole country belongs to all of us and we cannot risk losing the country, if the country comes down, we all lose but if we sacrifice and we are able to build a better Ghana, then we all enjoy”, he noted

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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