General News Tue, 24 Oct 2000

Ghana seeks Mauritius' acumen in sugar-textile industry

A five-member technical team from Ghana arrived in Mauritius on Sunday for a weeklong visit to seek co-operation in the fields of sugar and textile. George Aboagye, leader of the delegation, said Ghana wants to give some 15,000 hectares of land and an old factory to Mauritius to produce sugar.

He added Ghana and other countries in West Africa imported 250,000 tonnes of sugar worth 600 million US dollars annually. "Mauritius can take the factory and recapitalise it. The adjoining land to the factory is quite substantial," he said.

According to him, Ghana also wished Mauritian industrialists to invest in the country's textile industry. "We want to encourage Mauritian investors to set up their own textile village in Ghana to produce mainly for their principals in Europe and the US under the free zone conditions," Aboagye said.

Jewellery, tourism and information technology are the other sectors in which the Ghana delegation has expressed interest. The delegation will meet with the local authorities concerned during the week.

Source: GNA