Ghana to become a smart country in one year - Ursula Ekuful

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Fri, 10 Nov 2017 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Communications Minister, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful has projected Ghana to be among the world’s smart nations in a year.

Speaking on issues regarding the newly introduced Digital Addressing system on GHOne TV, Mrs. Ekuful explained that the GPS app is only a small part of a bigger plan to transform the country into a smart one where all transactions and operations will be done with ease using innovative technologies through what she describes as an ‘ecosystem’.

“It is part of a whole, it is part of an ecosystem that we are constructing here which includes the national ID and includes a unified database an interoperability framework for all databases which we are building currently and the interoperability framework for the payment systems that we are building as well, once all that is in place, we have the beginnings of a smart country”.

She explained that plans are underway to ensure that this vision is realized. She also expressed confidence in the realization of this idea in about a year’s time, adding that some major projects in that regard have begun.

“A smart transport network, a smart utilities network, we are doing a safe city solution currently and so we’ll have a network of speed camera’s, we have a few, we are going to build on that so if you jump the red light, you’ll have a nice little reminder on your doorstep because the security services will have your address which will be linked to your Driver’s license and your DVLA license plate and all that”.

“We are getting there, these digital addresses are linked to physical addresses are linked to post codes, will be linked to your mobile phone, will be linked to your national ID, so it will be linked to an individual who lives in that location who is ultimately identifiable, traceable and very soon they will see where we are trying to get to so it is not just initiatives in isolation, we are building a digital economy and all these are bits of those pieces which once the puzzle is complete will make us all see clearly…….at the pace at which we are working, I’m very confident that by this time next year, we should be done”, she stated.

A “smart” nation is one whose government employs innovative technologies to effectively respond to its people’s needs, improving their social and economic prospects. It does so inclusively, so that all sub-segments of the population benefit.

Several concerns have emerged following the introduction of the Digital addressing software, GhanaPost GPS. Many have criticized the app, calling it an imitation of the google map app and accusing government of having lied to Ghanaians.

Ex-President John Mahama joined the train recently when he addressed some party supporters in Cape Coast during a Unity Walk. According to him, the app is a scam. Vice President Bawumia however dismissed the assertions, detailing how the app works and how efficient it will be for the Ghanaian populace.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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