General News Thu, 4 Jul 2019

Ghana wan make insults against female politicians crime

Insults against female politicians for Ghana go soon turn crime as part of Affirmative Action Bill.

Deputy Majority Leader den Chairperson for Parliament Women Caucus, Sarah Adwoa Safo, reveal sey de Affirmative Action Bill go help empower den make more women join politics.

Clause 38 of de draft bill says 'Person wey go victimize… submit female politician to verbal attack, den stuff, commit an offence'.

According to Sarah Adwoa Safo, government make committed sey dem go pass dis bill so sey gender parity go dey di country inside.

More women dey shun politics for Ghana sake of some people dey attack dem always, if dem pass dis Bill wey you diss female politician you make hot. "After dem pass am, e go help change how people dey see den treat women in politics." Sarah tok.

She talk en fellow women for de 2019 Women Political Leaders (WPL) Summit for Tokyo, Japan.

Affirmative Action Bill be Ghana government deliberate plans which dey try push more women into leadership den also deal plus de traditional stereotypes against dem.

De Bill dey before Parliament now for consideration.

Source: bbc.com/pidgin