Ghanaian players are not womanizers, some just flirt with food vendors to survive - Habib Mohammed

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Tue, 3 Nov 2020 Source: Betty Yawson, Contributor

Former King Faisal defender Habib Mohammed has refuted claims that local players are womanizers.

Players in general, especially in Ghana, are mostly seen as people who hop from one woman to the other.

In recent years in Ghana, quite a number of players have seen their marriages crashed due to what many believe is down to womanizing on the part of these players.

But the former King Faisal defender who was one of the few local players to play at Ghana's maiden World Cup appearance in 2006 insists players in the local game are not womanizers as some people see them but rather they flirt with food vendors to survive due to the meagre salaries they receive.

"I want to make it clear to you now that what people have been saying, players are womanizers and they jump from one woman to the other, it’s not true."

"Most of these local players do such things because of their stomach," Habib Mohammed told Untold Stories TV GH.

Source: Betty Yawson, Contributor