General News Thu, 30 May 1996

Ghanaian shot dead in London


It saddens me to make an exception to my promise to remain in my bunker till 1 October to bring you such a sad piece of news.

It has just been flashed on the TV screens here in England that two Ghanaians have been shot in London and one has died while the other is recovering in hospital - the North Middlesex in Edmonton, North London.

Apparently the incident happened on the Bank holiday Monday 27 May but the police have just released the news.

GRi is trying hard to ascertain more details and by all means, Editor, Alexo, will fill you in later.


For now it suffice to say that the incident was over a new craze in UK called "road rage" in which at least one 21- year old Brit has been knived to death and a 72 year old man was also beaten up by some youth in Portsmouth recently.

What is road rage? Simply a situation where drivers cannot control their temper for mistakes, intentional or otherwise caused by other drivers.

In the case of the Ghanaians the brief news said that there were three Ghanaians in a car last Monday. they were involved in a minor road crash with a white guy and after exchange of insurance details they drove off. However the white guy chased them up into their road which was given on the TV as Surrey Gardens, either in Tottenham or Edmonton. After they had parked, the guy got out and started arguing with them. All of a sudden he pulled out a gun from his pocket and shot the first Ghanaian. He then turned it on the second one and the third ran away.

Initial enquiries suggest that the dead man was on holidays from Germany and indeed arrived in London in the morning of that fatal Monday. We do not have his name yet. However the one in hospital goes by Charlie, again we do not have his surname.

The police are looking for a white man, we were told.


Sad indeed. We shall bring you more details later.

I am back to my BUNKER. I'll see you in October.


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