Ghanaian youth disappointed in Akufo Addo - National TEIN Deputy Coordinator

Mon, 8 Apr 2019 Source: Ananpansah B Abraham

The Deputy National Coordinator of the Tertiary Education Institution Network(TEIN),a student youth wing of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) has said the youth of Ghana are fast becoming disappointed in the leadership of President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo.

In an address to students at the University of Education,Mampong campus,during the occasion of a TEIN General Meeting,Mr.Solomon Ananpansah noted with great concern the increasing joblessness coupled with a lack of coherent and sustainable policy direction by the current administration for the teeming unemployed Ghanaian youth.

A situation which he reiterated has left many youth disappointed in the government of the day and doubtful of the President's ability and willingness to deliver on his numerous promises of hope and a fulfilling future for the energetic Ghanaian youth in the run up to the 2016 elections.

The youth in his candid opinion are in a situation of despair and increasing frustration with many unsure of what the future holds for them under the current government."This government is a disappointment.The bad leadership under this Family and Friends government has left the youth of this country,including our friends on the other side, hugely disappointed and in despair of what the future holds for us,"he said.

Mr Ananpansah,who is a former National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) programmes and projects secretary,also bemoaned the government's poor handling of the otherwise good Free Senior High School policy,noting that,the introduction of the double track system will greatly compromise the quality of education and jeopardise the future of the younger generation. Speaking on the theme of the meeting,"quality education and political interference,"he said,"The introduction of the double track system in our Senior High Schools is killing the quality of education and will eventually compromise on quality and collapse our secondary school education".

He charged the students to stand up against the bad leadership of this government which he believes threatens to mortgage the future of the country. He called for action from the students in opposing and disposing the parochial rule of the Nana-Bawumia led government which only benefits close friends and family of the president,to the neglect of the youth and the masses. "Comrades,there comes a time where silence is a betrayal. As youth and intellectuals, we must stand up against the mortgaging of our future for the parochial interest of a few family and friends. We must oppose and dispose this government come 2020", Mr Ananpansah stated.

He pointed out that,the NDC party and President John Dramani Mahama,with their massive record in infrastructure,will focus on sustainable Job creation,Youth training and Youth development when voted back to power in 2020.

He stated, "let me assure you all that with our massive unchallenged record in infrastructural development in the fourth Republic,the next NDC and John Mahama government in 2021 will focus on sustainable job creation and Youth development"...

Source: Ananpansah B Abraham
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