General News Tue, 8 Dec 1998

Ghanaians asked to change attitude towards government property

Nyarkokwa (Central Region), 8 Dec. '98 - The presiding member of the Awutu-Effutu-Senya district assembly, Professor E.A. Haizel, has advised Ghanaians to change "their carefree," attitude towards state property. He said that attitude is dangerous because it will not ensure the effective growth and development of the economy. The presiding member was speaking at a farmers' rally at Nyarkokwaa in the Central region, after inspecting a poorly constructed school block at the village. "It is about time this destructive stigma is removed from the minds of the people once and for all, to pave way for a deeper sense of patriotism and commitment to propel the nation into the next century, Prof. Haizel said. Prof. Haizel warned that ''if we continue to show neglect for projects constructed with public funds just because they belong to state or the government, the future of the nation shall be in jeopardy''. He charged Ghanaians, irrespective of their social standing, to muster courage to point out the mistakes of those who handle the affairs of the nation, contractors and other operators who implement state projects to ensure maximum returns. Alhaji Baba Lamin Abu-Sadat, MP for Awutu-Senya, called on contractors executing state projects to regard such contracts as their own and to work properly to win the confidence of the government and its agencies. He asked them to see themselves as partners in development with the government since any shoddy job affects the socio-economic advancement of the nation. He congratulated Ghanaian farmers and fishermen for their services to the nation over the years.


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