Ghanaians not paying right amount for power supply - VRA

Fri, 8 Mar 2013 Source: radioxyzonline

The Volta River Authority says its upward tariff adjustment request is justified because Ghanaians have not been paying the right cost of power production for a long time.

Communications Manager of the Authority, Sam Fletcher in an interview with XYZ News said the operational cost of the VRA can be reduced if some of the burden is shifted onto the consumer.

The VRA says it lost one billion Ghana cedis last year as a result of high operational cost resulting from the use of crude oil rather than gas for its production.

It has projected a further loss of 1.1 billion Ghana cedis this year if the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission doesn’t increase the tariffs.

However, Executive Director of the Consumer Protection Agency Kofi Kapito said the VRA has no justification in demanding higher tariffs.

According to him, Ghanaians would be willing to pay any amount demanded by the VRA and other electricity providers if they are able to provide the people uninterrupted power supply.

Source: radioxyzonline