Ghanaians urged to unite for development

Thu, 10 Aug 2006 Source: GNA

Accra, Aug. 10, GNA - The Church of Pentecost on Thursday called on Ghanaians to exhibit the same support they showed for the national football team, the Black Stars in the Germany 2006 World Cup, to contribute towards nation building.

A statement issued by the Public Affairs Desk of the Church said: "With unity of purpose and unflinching teamwork, we can lift the country from its present status, to one of prosperity and international respect."

It said the Germany 2006 tournament had proved without doubt that Ghanaians as a people could forget their differences in the face of daunting national challenges and show solidarity that would permeate all spheres of life.

The Church said it considered the Stars' participation in the tournament as a watershed in the development of a national psyche, which, for once, created patriotism despite all ethnic and political fanaticisms.

It said the Church hoped to see unity among politicians on the floor of Parliament, professionals teaming up with artisans to drive the wheels of industry and all religions lifting up the problems of the nation in one spirit to the Lord.

The Church commended the Black Star, saying: "They have through their individual skills and unity demonstrated convincingly that in the battle of giants, perseverance conquers all difficulties. "Like the gallant footballers, who consistently prayed for divine protection and guidance, may Ghanaians never forget to rely totally on God for direction in all spheres of national life." 10 Aug. 06

Source: GNA