Gitmo 2 refugee status: Chaw 'Kwaku Ananse' stories, Ghanaians conf saf

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Wed, 31 Jan 2018 Source: bbc.com

Di 'Kwaku Ananse' stories nu just dey fly for air inside like dat from all angles, di whole matter of two former Guantanamo Bay detainees wey get refugee status for Ghana make nyamaa.

Right now Ghanaians conf saf over sake of di US Embassy, Government den Opposition all get so-so tori nkwaaa.

E go make hard to know wetin dey happen but here be summary of den kind Ananse stories nu:

Foreign Minister in account

Make we start Ministry of Foreign Affairs, last week Wednesday di Minister Shirley Ayoko Botchway talk for Parliament.

She reveal sey despite di "Gitmo 2" demma stay for Ghana expire, dem still dey di country sake of di former Mahama government grant dem refugee status for Ghana.

Refugee matter be news to me - US Ambassador

US Ambassador to Ghana, Robert Jackson tell tori people say dis refugee matter wey di Foreign Affairs Minister talk be news to am sake of he no know sey something like dat dey saf.

E check like what di US Embassy want talk be say di former John Mahama administration take so refugee decision on demma own.

Minority shock give US Ambassador

Like joke, like joke, Minority for Parliament too say dem shock sey US Ambassador Robert Jackson dey claim say he no know about di refugee status den grant di Gitmo 2.

Minority member of Parliament Mahama Ayariga talk Accra-based Joy FM say as former government wey cut dis deal "dem discuss di matter with US embassy; di case officer for US Embassy be Tim Miller wey dem brief am by Ghana in National Security case officer rep."

Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Charles Owiredu say be like di minority dey make economical with di truth sake of he check all di documents covering dis Gitmo 2 matter, but he never see anything about demma refugee status.

Di refugee status go expire July

What be interesting for tori people be say di refugee status for di Gitmo 2 go end dis July, since government reason for keeping di former detainees for Ghana be say former Mahama Administration give den refugee status.

Minority for Parliament say dem dey watch what government go do when the July refugee status too expire.

Source: bbc.com
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