Global Media Alliance hosts CEO of Afribiz Group Ltd on Int’l Women’s Day

Fri, 9 Mar 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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Global Media Alliance (GMA), a leading communication agency in Ghana, yesterday joined many organizations in the world to celebrate International Women’s Day. At a seminar organized by GMA for their female employees, the CEO of Afribiz Group Limited, Mrs. Janet Sunkwa-Mills, cautioned participants to be mindful of their brand and how they portray themselves as their personal brand plays a key role in their daily activities.

International Women's Day is annually marked on March 8 to recognize the achievements of women in society in social, economic, cultural and political areas. In recent times, many women as much as they keep their roles as the homemaker, have also taken up career roles in the corporate and entrepreneurial world.

The global theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Press for Progress’.

Speaking on the subject “Building my Career through Effective Communication and Packaging”, Mrs. Sunkwa-Mills said “It is important for us as ladies to pay some attention to how we look because our appearance, which is entirely our brand, says a lot about us before we communicate with words. It doesn’t mean you should look all expensive, but rather presentable wherever you find yourself”.

Speaking on the global theme for this year’s celebration, Mrs. Sunkwa-Mills further encouraged women to utilize their talents and skills in building their personal brands.

According to her “building your brand is not all about how you look but also how to communicate, connect and utilize your talent and skills”. She added, “It is important to set personal values and principles buttressed with your talents and skills, and in consistency so as not to confuse people’s perception about you”.

Mrs. Mills who is also the Founder and Manager of Jane’M Salon and Spa further urged women present to be confident in who they are and what they do.

A Director at GMA, Ms. Emma Wenani, stated that “the theme for this year’s celebration of International Women’s Day is inspiring enough for us as women to pursue our ambitions to the very end. Women are unique in their contributions and in their roles in society”.

She also encouraged her female colleagues to demonstrate their skills with determination to be able to achieve their dreams while remaining particularly true to their personal brands.

Many organizations across the globe organize and execute various activities including workshops, donations, seminars and fora among others to appreciate the work of women and also show their support to them.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com