God disqualified the lazy and unserious parties – Prof. Ayogyam

Professor Alexander Ayogyam 7 Professor Alexander Ayogyam

Tue, 11 Oct 2016 Source: kapital971.com

Professor Alexander Ayogyam, an academic with Kumasi Polytechnic has described the political parties whose nominations were rejected and their presidential candidates disqualified by the Electoral Commission as lazy and unserious, noting that it took God’s intervention to flush them out of Ghana’s politics.

According to the Professor, the fact that they were given the nomination forms about a month ago to endorse and return it to the Electoral Commission and they could not sit down to do due diligence to those forms indicates that they are lazy and unserious people who do not deserve to be given the chance to contest for the highest seat of the land.

He was speaking to SOMTUAKA Kombian, the host of Day Break Kapital, this morning.

“I don’t think we can have lazy people who are not serious to rule this country. it is god’s intervention that has dawned on the EC boss to clearly show us that if these people are not cleared out and they happen to find their way onto the ballot paper and surprisingly win as president, Ghana will suffer. Today I congratulate the EC boss for doing this wonderful job; it is a good step towards good governance” he stated.

According him, the office that these people are seeking to occupy is not that of assembly men or MPs; “they want to be president of this country – this is a very delicate position because the life of this country and its people will be entrusted into their care if they win the elections. So it can be equated to a doctor who is operating on a patient – a single mistake can kill the patient. In much the same way, if they make such unpardonable mistakes today and we allow them to go through and become president, who knows the kind of mistake they will make in future and put Ghana in a very awkward situation? Ghana has suffered enough and we cannot let her continue to suffer like that.”

“Let the Electoral Commissioner be praised. I think that if they get the opportunity in the future, they will be careful and serious. If it were for any other position, we could forgive and let them correct their errors, but the right thing needs be done at the right time. Future presidential candidates should know that it is not a joke – you don’t come with laziness and non-seriousness to waste our time.

Source: kapital971.com
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