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God doesn’t dwell in national cathedrals; He dwells in humble hearts – Rev Whitcomb

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Tue, 25 Dec 2018 Source:

Founder and Senior Pastor of Agape House New Testament Church Reverend Dr. Richard Whitcomb has said building a national cathedral does not bring the presence of God much as a humble heart does. He urged Ghanaians to focus on building themselves and working towards making their hearts right and humble.

He indicated that he is neither for nor against the construction of the cathedral but is more concerned about the spiritual implications of building a national cathedral.

“Herein friends, is the grave danger we face as we debate over building a national cathedral, you can build it but it doesn’t bring the presence of God… I’m not for or against the national cathedral. I’m not speaking to you today as a politician, I’m speaking as a prophet. You can build the national cathedral but that will not guarantee the presence of God.”

His statement comes in the wake of the debate about the national cathedral. Some are of the view that the country has need of other facilities which are more pressing than the construction of a national cathedral.

According to Rev Whitcomb, having a national cathedral with proud leaders does not guarantee the presence of God.

“God opposes the proud and dwells with the humble. I will rather be a humble nation without the national cathedral than a proud nation with a national cathedral because if you have a national cathedral but your leaders are proud God’s presence will be far from you. But if you have no national cathedral, no temple at all, your hearts are humbled the presence of the lord will dwell with you.”

He cited America as one of the countries which has a well-equipped national cathedral but has sin and waywardness clouding the judgement of its citizens.

Quoting the scripture Acts 7: 48-50, he said.

“After all they have a national cathedral in USA and it’s a backsliding, sin filled perverted country, apologies to the Americans. I’m not speaking for or against the national cathedral, I’m not a politician, I’m not speaking today about the political, legal or financial implications of building a national cathedral. I’m a voice from God speaking you about the spiritual implications of misunderstanding God’s holy place. God doesn’t dwell on national cathedrals or in temples, He doesn’t dwell in buildings made by hands. He came to live amongst us so that He might live within us.”


President Nana Akufo-Addo in 2017 cut sod for the construction of a National Cathedral to serve as a national non-denominational Christian worship centre for the country.

To begin the construction of the national cathedral, some nine justices of the Court of Appeal as well as other judicial staff occupying bungalows around the site earmarked for the project, were asked to vacate to make way for the construction of the 5,000-seater capacity facility.

They are to move into temporary residential buildings pending the construction of some 21 new bungalows on the Second Circular Road – Cantonments in Accra.

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