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God saw the NPP out because of their wicked ways- Quashigah

Propaganda Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Richard Quashigah has conceded that it was God that allowed the NPP to lose the 2008 elections because of the party¹s ³sins².

According to the campaign manager of the NPP, Boakye Agyarko, the loss suffered by the NPP in 2008 has given Ghanaians the real opportunity to assess the two parties and to know which of them can best serve the interest of the country.

Speaking at a news conference to announce the party¹s first ever national interdenominational prayer session, Mr Agyarko said he was confident Ghanaians¹ assessment of the Mills administration will bring the NPP back to power.

According to him, God needed to expose the NDC for what they are ­ hypocrites, liars, thieves of the first order. Otherwise how does a president who has declared himself righteousness allow such perfidy of taking the nation¹s money to one person?

However, Richard Quashigah, reacting to the NPP¹s claims, accepted that God saw the NPP out in 2008, but for different reasons.

He told Xfm 95.1, ³it is true that God allowed them to lose the elections because they were unscrupulous, ungodly and their ways were ways of darkness. It is true that God brought President Mills to the Ghanaian people in order to bring about peace, oneness, unity and progress. Indeed, if Akuffo Addo were president, like Kofi Koomson said, even he, an NPP man, would not sleep with both eyes closed².

Alluding to allegations that the NPP¹s flagbearer is a wee smoker, Richard Quashigah opined that ³God in his wisdom did not allow Akuffo Addo to preside over this nation other than that he would have destroyed the lives of young people by encouraging them into wee smoking², adding, ³and so it is true that God did not allow Akuffo Addo to win; and the same God who did not allow them to win in 2008 will ensure that Akuffo Addo loses again in 2012².

He warned the NPP not to accuse the NDC of incurring the judgment debt paid to Alfred Agbesi Woyome, since it was the NPP¹s ³irresponsibility² that led to the debt.

³The Woyome saga is a developing one; it has not concluded yet, for which reason no one can point accusing figures at anyone. Also it is obvious that they created over 600 million judgment debt before they left office. Their irresponsibility and their mischievousness and evil deeds were the reasons for which Ghana left 600 million Ghana cedis. And so they do not have the moral right to be accusing others of having stolen money when that matter is being investigated².

³Clearly, the NPP is a very corrupt entity; the NPP is an entity who sins went so high up into the heavens that God got so angry and infuriated with them and drove them out of office, just like he did to Saul², he asserted, adding, ³and so they do not have any moral right because, when we want to go into their evil and corrupt acts, they have no hiding place; and they know it. So what he (Mr Agyarko) is saying, he does not know what he was talking about; I forgive him².

Xfm 95.1/ Accra/ Ghana

Source: Xfm 95.1