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Mon, 2 Jul 2007 Source: CPP Communications Directorate

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) last night accused the ruling New Patriotic Party of concentrating on itself and not the country and the country’s problems. In a Press Release to Radio stations in London , the Party’s Communications Directorate in London charged with International Communications said the shear number of NPP Presidential Candidates speak not of a selfless and sacrificial response to a rallying call to the flag but more of a dizzying and undignified clamour to take control of the gravy train. “It would seem that being on the train is simply not good enough for many in the NPP these days”.

“They have neither basic nor radical policy differences between them”, the CPP said.

The statement noted that debate in numbers is beneficial to any democracy but said the numbers must be a world record because “never have so may from the same political party clamoured for high political office with so little to offer against the pressing needs of a country”. That infighting within the NPP bears the hallmark of the party’s greed and arrogance.

The CPP statement added further that the NPP is struggling to maintain authority and discipline among its ranks noting that the President of our country for close to a month has sought to reshuffle his cabinet without success. “ A re-shuffle in government anywhere in the world is a smooth, behind the scenes operation announced only at the point where it is a matter of public information”, in this instance President Kufour has threatened publicly, cajoled , pleaded and some say begged his Ministers all to no avail, rather we have an unprecedented farce with Minister’s telling the President of Ghana when they want to resign – some say “after the AU meeting” , others are saying they do not need to, and yet more are saying “not till September”. The question Ghanaians are asking is “Who is in charge of Government in our country today?” the CPP statement asked “After 7 years, this NPP Government is showing its incompetence daily”; It is showing that it is government of ineptitude, lacking ideas and cannot be entrusted with the management of the country any longer.” The CPP statement carried on to say that” the NPP have squandered all the good will they were given by the Ghanaian people when they came to office in 2000”, that perhaps the damaging aspect of the NPP’s incompetence and lack of ideas is their failure to address the numerous problems facing the country, including the current energy and water crisis which has derailed the country’s developmental strategies”, that “ the structural inequalities of our society with thousands of young people leaving school without any kind of qualification, often with literacy problems poses a great danger to the unity and national security of the country”.

“The NPP government of John A.Kufuor has proved a worse socio-economic manager than its equally corrupt NDC predecessor”, the CPP said.

“Ghanaians continue to suffer the ensuing hardships but are looking forward to a reformist CPP that will give them a genuinely representative and selfless government come 2008”. “The delay each day in confronting the energy crisis is costing Ghanaians dearly” the statement noted.

Among the other points the CPP made against the NPP was that “The New Patriotic Party in not taking responsibility for its shambolic governance but blaming others, such as on the energy crisis, that this is “a national disgrace”, that their insincerity, and lack of accountability is the hallmark of a government limping on one leg as it comes to the end of its reign”. The statement concluded saying that many Ghanaians are concerned that the current situation within the NPP, with the struggle to maintain discipline and the hopeless division on the issue of imposing candidates in constituencies makes a mockery of governance and is putting the country’s management in a quandary, that the word on many a Ghanaian street corner is “How can one continue to entrust running of the country to a party focused on itself rather than the country and whose aim is to squander the country’s resources?” .

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Source: CPP Communications Directorate