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Government should disregard FIFA - MP

Mr Joseph Bipoba Naabu, the Member of Parliament for Yunyoo Constituency in the Northern Region, says Ghana should disregard the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) if they think they are the above the laws of the country.

He stressed that Ghana is an independent country even though it belongs to an international association, therefore, it should still act on the laws of its jurisdiction.

According to him, FIFA is taking the wrong decision if it bans Ghana simply because of the refusal to withdraw the court case seeking to dissolve the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

“We should disregard FIFA, if they think they are above the laws of Ghana, we don’t need them,” he mentioned.

The government of Ghana halted football activities in their quest to dissolve the GFA following the investigations of undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas on corruption in Ghana football.


In a warning letter to Ghana on Monday, FIFA cited certain breaches to its statutes with that legal application since it prohibits all forms of interference.

The court action against the GFA is, consequently, deemed to be government interference in FIFA’s activities and hence warns the government to withdraw the case or face a ban.

But speaking on 3FM’s Sunrise on Tuesday, Mr Naabu mentioned that Ghana is a sovereign and independent country and therefore should not withdraw the case from court.

According to the lawmaker, the laws of Ghana govern Ghana and hence FIFA has no right to meddle in the affairs of this country.

“The laws of Ghana should govern the association of Ghana, we also belong to Ghana Football Association. If you are international you must go according to the laws of your jurisdiction.”


He went on to say that FIFA cannot impose its laws on Ghana because it is international; hence if Ghanaians go contrary to the laws of Ghana, Ghana has the right to take action by going to court.

“You can’t say because you are an international association, if the members of the association of Ghana go contrary to the laws of the country, we have the right to go to court.”

He urged Ghanaians not to give up but let the court determine what happens and not FIFA.

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