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Group condemns US Ambassador's LGBTQ+ posture as 'undiplomatic blackmail'

Virginia Evelyn Palmer  Virginia Palmer US Ambassador US ambassador to Ghana, Virginia Palmer

Wed, 30 Aug 2023 Source:

The actions and statements of International Monetary Fund (IMF) representatives and the US Ambassador in Ghana have triggered a wave of concerns, alleging a disregard for Ghana's sovereignty, cultural values, and economic stability.

A press release issued by The Dignified African Institute (TDAI) and endorsed by its Communications Director, Okatasi Mut Djeriwo (PhD), has shed light on the growing uneasiness among Ghanaians and has questioned the motives behind these diplomatic actions.

The group said: "We have observed with sourness, the utter and incessant disregard, subversion and toying with the will and sovereignty of Ghanaians on two fronts: the IMF's subtle and overt manipulation in aiding Ghanaian governments to destroy our economy" and "the US Ambassador's despicable speech and undiplomatic blackmail to destroy our humanity, cultural, moral, spiritual and religious values with the dastard LGBTQI+".

Released on August 30, 2023, the statement underscores the historical wisdom embedded in African heritage, emphasising the reverence for nature and spirituality that have long characterised the continent's cultural ethos.

The release takes aim at the conduct of foreign representatives within Ghana, invoking these deeply rooted cultural values to critique their activities.

TDAI has articulated the ancient insights of African ancestors, who recognised the cyclical nature of existence and perceived divinity in all aspects of creation.

The statement contends that these spiritual beliefs historically nurtured a sense of communal responsibility and accountability, rendering the need for conventional incarceration systems unnecessary.

By highlighting the historical injustices stemming from colonisation and the exploitation of indigenous knowledge systems, the release points to recent events such as alleged IMF manipulations and the ongoing LGBTQ+ discourse in Ghana.

The statement accuses the IMF of employing both covert and overt tactics in supporting Ghanaian governments, which TDAI contends have contributed to economic instability and hardship.

Moreover, TDAI questions the legitimacy of the IMF's authority to intervene and calls for greater transparency regarding the organisation's intentions in Ghana, particularly in light of its exoneration of the Ghanaian government's actions.

On the issue of LGBTQ+ rights, TDAI spotlights the involvement of the US Ambassador in a discourse that clashes with the views held by Ghana's Parliament, religious institutions, and societal norms.

TDAI raises suspicions about the Ambassador's intentions, suggesting possible ulterior motives, including the potential distribution of aid packaged under the pretext of humanitarian assistance.

As a result, TDAI has called on both the IMF and the US Ambassador to demonstrate respect for Ghana's citizens, values, and sovereignty.

The organisation has also emphasised the aspirations of the Ghanaian populace for economic progress, tranquility, and the preservation of cultural heritage.

The press release strongly emphasises that Ghana should be treated as a sovereign entity, with foreign entities expected to uphold its integrity.

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