Business News Sun, 5 Nov 2017

HFC gives Christmas loans at 15% interest rate

HFC Bank Ghana Limited has announced a special loan package for both existing and new customers of the bank at the lowest interest rate ever (between 15 and 17 per cent per income levels).

Dubbed ‘The HFC Christmas Loan Sales,’ management of the Bank says the package is an exciting offer designed to meet the various income earners profiles during this festive season and beyond.

Existing customers and new customers can take advantage of the personal and car loans offered.

“We all know that the best way to finance Christmas is to plan ahead and save for it, however, sometimes it’s not always possible. That is why we have introduced this Loan Sale at this time of the year so you can take advantage of it and achieve your wish list,” the bank stated.

This is a good time to start planning on how you are going to fund the festive period, HFC Bank added.



The package includes personal loans and vehicle financing loans.

Customers get 10 times salary.

Customers can access up to 10 times their incomes under the personal loans category while customers who have existing loans with the bank have the opportunity to top up within the specified period.

Customers whose application documents are up to scratch are assured of completing loan processes with 24 hours.


“Customers also have the opportunity to consolidate their loans with the bank (transfer from other Financial Institutions).

The bank further disclosed that customers will enjoy longer repayment periods (72 – 48 months depending on customers’ income profile) if they applied within the two month period.

Side attraction

Customers who apply for the HFC Christmas Loan offer stand the chance of winning for themselves Samsung Television sets, Smart Phones, smart watches and other exciting freebies

Targeted Customers


Salaried employees of both prublic & private sectors, high Net worth Individuals, corporate Chief Executive Officers and Directors as well as senior and middle level management and other Professionals are eligible to access the loans, the bank disclosed.


HFC bank further revealed that the Facility is available to only permanent employees with at least two years employment with the employer.

The customer should not be above the statutory retiring age except for Article 70 Office Holders while salaries of applicants must be routed through HFC Bank Ghana.

The bank noted that it would undertake satisfactory credit checks on applicants and ensure that no criminal records stand against any prospective beneficiary of the facility.

Applicants would have to provide undertaking from their employers while guarantors will be needed to endorse and stand in for the known applicants.

Source: thefinderonline.com