HIPC is an Immoral Programme---- Dr. Mahama

Fri, 27 Aug 2004 Source: kapital radio 97.1fm.

The leader of the people's national convention Dr.Edward Mahama has described the highly indebted poor countries initiative HIPC as an immoral programme adding that we have no business being HIPC.

According to him the nation should pay loans contracted and desist from shifting it to generations to come.

Speaking in an interview on Daybreak Kapital; the morning show hosted by Korsi Asiseh, Dr.Mahama suggested to government to cut down on its expenditure by reducing the number of ministers to help raise funds for development.

"I was against HIPC and I am still against HIPC, we created this debt portfolio and we need to pay", he stated.

The PNC flag bearer submitted that there is tension in the country arguing that if there were no tension in the country why would the president import bullet proof cars and recent mercenary recruitment reports.

Dr.Mahama alleged that the electoral commission denied him his real votes in the last elections.

According to him, he accepted the results to enable the country move forward because his refusal to accept the results at that time would have spelt dire consequences for the nation.

Dr. Mahama failed to give figures but supported his argument with a statement that the E.C's Chairman Dr. Afari Gyan one time told the NPP that if any party needs an apology it should be PNC when the NPP lodged a protest at the E.C that they were not given their real votes because PNC's votes were accidentally given to the NPP and NDC.

When asked whether the former sports minister Mallam Issah would still play a role in the party, he responded by saying that he is an ex-convict who needs to be rehabilitated and this should be done by the people who put him in jail.

He asked the media especially those owned by the state to highlight the party's activities because they are funded with the tax payers' money and since he and members of his party pay their taxes they are part owners of the state media houses and therefore must be treated fairly.

Source: kapital radio 97.1fm.