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Hacking attempts made on GhanaPostGPS – Government

Ghanapost Gps Address Some IT experts have raised security concerns about the GhanaPostGPS app

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 Source:

Government has assured Ghanaians that despite deliberate attempts to hack into the GhanaPostGPS app which is used for the country’s digital addressing system, measures have been put in place to fight such attacks.

Some IT experts have raised security concerns about the app.

They argue that hackers may take advantage of the system for various nefarious activities.

But speaking to Class News, cybersecurity adviser to government, Albert Antwi Boasiako, said although some hacking attempts have been picked up, there is a 24-hour monitoring by the government to ensure it is not compromised.

He said: “In the world of technology, hacking is an essential threat and it doesn’t matter whether you are in the USA or Ghana, it is something that could happen but there is a 24-hour monitoring on all government networks.

“Threats are being detected but we have also commissioned somebody, because we picked up certain alerts and IP addresses that show that there are deliberate attacks onto the system. However, before I’ll authorise or give my opinion to a deputy minister or a minister to come out with this system, it means those security requirements have been met.”

GhanaPostGPS is meant to address the challenges with the country’s property addressing system. It is a modern approach to allocating addresses within a defined space with the aid of the latest geocoding technology.

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