He called me a prostitute; he was insecure so I left him

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Tue, 6 Apr 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Maame Adwoa, a lady who agreed to date an unnamed gentleman has said one of the reasons she called it quits was the lover’s description of her as a prostitute.

Taking her turn on the Exes Show hosted by Aikins, Maame Adwoa mentioned that the conduct of the gentleman who was the second person she dated could not be tolerated any longer.

“He actually called me a prostitute,” she recalled. “This guy doesn’t like the fact that I talk to guys, he doesn’t like me taking pictures with guys. He wants me to be an indoor person but I’m not. You should let the person feel free. The most annoying thing is you are not here with me so let me feel free. If you suffocate me, I’ll leave.”

She continued: “He was obsessed with me, he started misbehaving. It was too much. He was becoming too unbearable. He was over nagging; he was too much insecure.”

According to Maame Adwoa, the journey of their affair begun when the gentleman showed up in her house for a party that saw other close associates in attendance.

“He told me he had a crush on me during our days in secondary school but didn’t have the chance to communicate his feelings to me,” she said.

“We became friends for some time after the party so I was the one who later said ‘you were crushing on me but now, I’m the one crushing on you so I like you’. He was happy, he was sad. Well, he claimed he had mixed feelings.”

For Maame Adwoa, although she was not ready for marriage, she agreed to date the gentleman hoping they would have a beautiful love life which would eventually lead them into marriage when she is mature enough to tie the knot.

“We quit after close to two years. I had to call the shots. I moved on. I’m tired,” she said, adding that the gentleman who she has not set her eyes on for the past two years, however, “thinks he still has a girlfriend in me”.

There is one thing Maame Adwoa likes about her ex-boyfriend which is his level of kindness.

“He was a giver. He gives even when I’ve not asked for it. I salute him for that,” she remarked.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com