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He won’t help NPP, he will insist everything is fair – Police officer on tape plotting Dampare’s ouster

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Fri, 14 Jul 2023 Source:

The national discussion has been on security and elections following the publication of some recordings revealing a plot by a group of senior police officers courting the support of a senior member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) to cause the removal of the current Inspector-General of Police (IGP) from office.

From details of the recording, the group hinged their supposed motive on two things; the removal of George Akuffo Dampare as IGP due to his alleged affiliation to the opposition National Democratic Congress and also facilitate rigging of the 2024 general election in favour of the ruling NPP.

The latter motive is confirmed by one of the senior police officers, a certain Mensah with the rank of Commissioner in a 50-minute-long recording of his meeting with the said leading NPP member who is identified as a former regional chairman of the party.

“So that is my fear that during (the 2024) elections, how is this man going to help us; he can’t help us. He won’t. He will make sure that everything is fair. But Alhaji you don’t go to elections like that, you don’t do elections like that at all. The Supreme Court said elections is won at the polling station so whatever you need to do at the polling station you have to do. And the security has a major role to play,” COP Mensah who touted himself as staunch member of the governing party is heard saying in the audio.

In other portions of the audio, the senior officer who had concluded that the NPP’s ‘Breaking The 8’ agenda is impossible with Dr Dampare at the helm of police affairs said even though he is very much qualified for the IGP position, he would not mind losing out as long as the current IGP is replaced with a pro-NPP officer.

“Alhaji, my only problem… this current IGP if we do a mistake and take him to the elections, it will not help us. It will not help us at all and I will not mind if the position is not given to me but that man is changed; because he will not help us, he will not help us at all… he won’t help the party at all.

“I know there are others who are also good for this position, if I don’t get and this man is changed and those people that we think they are our men get I (it is ok)… Because we need to break this 8. That is important, we need to break the 8… Because I wouldn’t want doctor to become the flagbearer and then we lose the elections… ” he said.

He goes on to emphasise that elections can only be won through rigging and that the NPP must ensure they have a favourable police hierarchy which is indispensable in prosecuting such an agenda.

“This IGP is not correct, he won’t help us. Alhaji you have done politics, you know elections is not… sometimes elections mafia work is inside,” he stated to which the party guru concurred saying “not just sometimes, mafia work is inside. As for elections mafia work is involved.”

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