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Historical fact: The Akwamus once conquered the Danes and occupied the Osu Castle

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Built by the Danes in 1661, the Christiansburg Castle (Osu Castle) was once occupied by a Ghanaian known as Assameni who hailed from Akwamufie defeated the Danes who were occupying the Castle at the time and became the governor in 1693.

Narrating the history behind the Osu Castle the Acting Executive Director of Ghana Museums and Monuments Board, Kingsley Ofosu Ntiamoah said in 1694, Assameni sold the Castle back to the Danes but went to Akwamufie with the original keys to the Castle.

The Danes who first occupied the Castle bought the land from Nii Okaikwei who was then the overlord of the Gas. He sold the land to the Danes at 3,200 gold florins.

At this site, the Danes built a stone fort in 1659, to replace the earthen lodge that had been erected by the Swedish African Company in the 17th century.

They named it Christiansburg, meaning ‘Christian's Fortress’, after the King of Denmark, Christian IV, who passed away in 1648.

Mr Ofosu Ntiamoah added that the slave trade occurred at the forecourt of the Castle where the slaves will be lined up, inspect them, kept in the dungeon then later through the door of no return.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com