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Holding government appointees accountable is not witch-hunting – Apostle Agalenyoh

The worldwide missionary in charge of the Seventh Day Congregation of Theocracy, Apostle Kadmiel Agbalenyoh, has emphasised that state anti-corruption agencies holding present or past government appointees accountable should not be viewed as political witch-hunting.

Apostle Agbalenyoh, in an interview with the DAILY HERITAGE, said such exercises should be seen as a healthy and very important aspect of Ghana’s democracy.

The renowned Apostle noted that apart from politicians, all Ghanaians in any position of trust must be prepared to be accountable for their stewardship any time investigative bodies fall on them to account for their stewardship, especially when monies are involved.

Apostle Agbalenyoh stressed that ministers, their deputies, Municipal Chief Executives, Members of Parliaments, and District Chief Executives should be extremely faithful and diligent in the course of their work to avoid embarrassment.

“It is very important to be accountable and that should not be viewed as witch- hunting in any way since it is the investigations and prosecutions that would determine whether one is faithful to the State or not,” he said.

The Apostle noted that those to be invited to account for their stewardship should be bold and pray to God, and then face their various investigative panels to defend how they worked for the State or are currently handling their positions.

He, therefore, advised the present government appointees and civil society to be diligent and be faithful to the government.

“Accountability is like a student who is due for an examination and had adequately prepared for the exams. Such a student will have nothing to fear when the papers are put before him or her, but in situations where the student is not prepared for the exams, then fear will definitely set in followed by failure and not the success that everybody will be proud of,” he said.

Source: abusuafmonline.com
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