Horrible gang rape video shakes up Upper East

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Wed, 8 Mar 2017 Source: starrfmonline.com

A bush rape of a teenager, perpetrated by a gang at night and captured on video, has sparked strong shockwaves across the Upper East region, with angry residents mounting pressure on the police to bring the culprits to book.

The victim was completely helpless, as shown in the 2-minute clip, as the hooligans pinned her to the ground and subjected her to what those who have watched the footage have described as horrible savagery.

Police say the crime took place at Tindongo, a community in the Talensi District, where some unscrupulous miners mostly inflict carnal abuse on needy girls, according to observers.

Whilst it is yet unclear how the teenager may have been lured into the bush, the exact number that made up the gang is also not certain for now. The victim’s readiness to obey their orders suggests that her assailants might have overpowered her not just by their muscles and numbers but probably also by some arms flaunted behind the camera.

The moonless night gave a blurred capture of the faces seen on the tape. But the camera light on the recording gadget, held by one of the perpetrators wearing a slipper and a pair of jeans, illuminated the scene of the crime, showing clearly how one of the thugs repeatedly forced his manhood into the victim’s private parts as she wailed for mercy in Talen, the dialect spoken in the district.

The video reveals a teary-eyed teenager screaming in an isolated bush not just because it was a rape encounter and also an unprotected sex being filmed for subsequent replays in public, but mainly because the violator was cruelly ‘stabbing’ her deep in the genitals with his sex organ.

The bearer of the recording device could be heard barking orders at their prey in the same dialect. He instructed the troubled girl, who laid flat on her back on the bare ground throughout for forcible penetration, to cooperate by spreading her legs wide opened for his accomplice to insert his mushroom-headed ‘third leg’.

He assured the victim of her release only if she remained calm and allowed the half-naked gang member to have his way.

At a point, the faceless gang leader asked the girl, “Has his [organ] penetrated?” She replied with a sob, “It has penetrated but it is hurting me”, and continued to beg in vain for relief.

Victim heads to DOVVSU, police hunt for rape gang

The traumatised victim, accompanied by her relatives, is reported to have made a case at the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU).

Meanwhile, police say they have swung into action to ensure the arrest and prosecution of the persons who sexually abused the youngster.

“The victim has reported the case at DOVVSU and I have placed my intelligence on the ground. We are told some people (at Tindongo) have run away but we have our men on the ground to trace the people, I can assure you. However, we also need more information from the public on the incident so we can make headway.

“The police will protect their identities- the identities of those who volunteer information to help us get to the suspects,” the Bolgatanga Municipal Police Commander, Superintendent Samuel Punobyin, who also oversees the Talensi District, told Starr News Wednesday.

Public reactions

The development has triggered public concerns about the safety and security of residents, particularly those who live in the lonely corners of the region.

Whilst some have called for more police patrols to help check crime, a number of residents who spoke to Starr News said it was time for the community watchdog committee concept to be revisited.

“This is abuse of human rights. Rape is a capital offence. Unfortunately it’s happening more to the underage. Our security agencies should step up their game. Bolgatanga shouldn’t have a shortfall of security. The people (criminals) are living with us,” Thomas Atinga told Starr News in the regional capital.

Another resident, Fati Ibrahim, said: “It’s barbaric. It’s inhuman. Those involved are animals not human beings. It’s unfortunate in this era that some of these things still happen. Our security should be stronger. The security (agencies) should be able to get those involved and apply the necessary measures to discourage this kind of crime.”

“It’s an awkward situation. The people should be dealt with. It is against the laws of the country. And the one [issuing] the instructions is supposed be dealt with. He was instructing the girl to allow the guy to do it and that when the guy finishes they will go home.

It looks like the one recording is the mastermind,” remarked Henry Avoka.

Source: starrfmonline.com