How I became addicted to sleeping with girls at the cemetery - 22-year-old man confesses

Mon, 1 Jul 2019 Source: Pulse Ghana

People react to situations differently, depending on their level of endurance, values among other things, but sometimes, some people easily kowtow to pressures and do certain things out of desperation and regret later.

A 22-year-old Ghanaian young man has revealed how poverty compelled him to accept an offer to have sex with a girl at a cemetery of all places, in exchange for getting his school fees paid.

According to him, while in his Senior High School in the eastern region of Ghana, his mother had died and it was time to pay his school fees, but he did not have the wherewithal as he was only age 17 at the time.

The young man narrated that a certain female school mate then requested of him to have sexual intercourse with her at the cemetery so that she would help him pay his school fees.

In order to avoid embarrassment and dropping out of school, he accepted the offer and slept with the girl. It is not clear why of all places, the girl chose the cemetery to satisfy her sexual libido.

Mysteriously, the young boy subsequently developed an interest in the cemetery sex and voluntarily started convincing and drugging many other school girls in some cases to have sex with them on the tombs.

He added that the very first girl who introduced him to the cemetery sex eventually became his girlfriend.

Speaking in an interview with Nana Yaw Sarfoh on Vision1, the unnamed young man further disclosed that, even after he completed the SHS, he still visits the school as and when he desires to have sex with school girls in the cemetery, using the tombs as his bed.

Source: Pulse Ghana