How angry members of a feuding faction at Madina Ritz Junction allegedly set community on fire

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Wed, 31 May 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

While many shop owners at the Madina Ritz Junction return to the site that only hours ago was a vibrant business hub, housing their shops and for some, night clubs, some of the victims have called for an urgent action to be taken about the continuous fires they experience.

This, some of them told GhanaWeb, is because these fires do not come about from natural occurrences, or even by way of electric faults, but intentionally started by some unscrupulous persons.

One of the men whose spare parts shop, a popular one just on the edge of the road, was also completely razed down, is unsure he would return to do business in this location.

McBen Yolee of Abandenden (Driver’s Friend) Spare Parts Shop explained that what they have lost in that shop is going into the millions and that is about the second time in a short time they have had to deal with fires in their shops.

“I don’t know if there is a law governing this particular place, because the people who usually pay taxes bare the consequences of those things. So, I’m wondering if the management of this areas know something about this,” he explained.

The hype-man at the Guymen Night Club, one of the hardest hit places at the Ritz Junction, Godwin, explained in an interview with GhanaWeb TV that one of the men involved in the feud used to work at the club.

He added that he is sure what happened was an act of jealousy.

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