How did ‘poor’ Rawlings pay the fees of his children in top UK school? – Georgette Djaba asks

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Tue, 12 Jan 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Georgette Djaba, a legal practitioner in the UK has questioned how late President Jerry John Rawlings funded his children’s education at the Millfield School in Somerset, UK.

Georgette Djaba in recounting the struggles her family went through during her father’s exile in the United Kingdom, stated that her brothers had to drop out of school because their father, Henry Kojo Djaba could no longer afford their fees at Millfield School.

She recounted that properties belonging to her father who was the chairman of the Ghana Football Association under the Busia regime was confiscated by Rawlings and his army cohort.

With his bank accounts frozen, Georgette Djaba said in an interview with Andy D TV, a YouTube channel that life became unbearable for the family.

She said that her brothers dropped out of the school that Rawlings, who claims to hail from a poor home sent his children to.

She wondered how someone who could not afford gari and beans managed to send his children to one of the prestigious schools in the UK.

"In 1979, because they confiscated all his assets and bank accounts. At the time three of my brothers were in Millfield School, Somerset. A private boarding school and because they confiscated his business, my brothers could not go to school. So, they did not go to university.

“That is the same school JJ Rawlings took his children. One of the best boarding school in the whole country. My question is where did JJ Rawlings get 10,000 pounds a year from to pay his children’s fees. Where did he get the money from? He explained to us that he couldn’t even buy yoko gari. He had to buy it on credit. In his house he had a helicopter seat as a chair in his hall. He told us that,” she said.

She also disclosed that her father while in exile was concerned about how he could contribute to the development of the country.

“When my father came here in 1979, he was doing what he was doing before he came here. He had his business partners in Germany so he will often go to Germany. And he would gather his friends here and talk about what they will do next with Ghana. They were always plotting to go back home”.

Watch the interview below. Statement was made at 2:00

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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