Humour: Ayariga Cough Mixture Hits Town

Ayariga Mixture

Tue, 27 Nov 2012 Source: News One

Ghanaians sure have a good sense of humor and can create some fun out of almost every situation.

It is therefore not surprising that a new type of cough mixture called ‘Ayari Cough Mixture 1 Touch’ has become popular on social media sites and indeed attracting interesting commentary.

The cough mixture seems to have been designed in jest of the People’s National Convention (PNC) presidential candidate, Hassan Ayariga, after he told the country he was suffering from severe cough.

Indeed, Mr. Ayariga attended the second round of the 2012 IEA presidential debate coughing profusely all through his delivery and could still be heard coughing even when his colleague debaters were on the floor.

Though Mr. Ayariga describes himself as a peaceful man, it is not yet clear how he would respond to the public humour being made about his cough.

Source: News One