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I Will Go Back To Politics - Amoateng

Eric Amoateng, former Member of Parliament for Nkoranza North has said he will go back to politics to continue to serve his people after his release from jail and serving his probation.

The former dishonourable member of the Ghanaian Parliament in a chat with an inmate said he will go back to contest his Nkoranza North seat which is currently occupied by Major Derrick Oduro (Retd). “My people need me to still represent them in the august house and not even the executives of the party can oppress the will of the people” He said.

Amoateng according to one inmate has on countless times boasted about his wealth and his philanthropic deeds to his community, which has endeared him so much to the very heart of the people.

He was charge for having involved in a heroin importation conspiracy and he is expected to serve jail probation after his release.


On November 9, 2005, Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) officials uncovered packages of heroin in a cargo shipment at Newark International Airport (“Newark”). The name listed on the cargo was, Nii Okai Adjei.

Adjei became acquainted with the former MP in Ghana when he (Eric Amoateng) was running for a seat in his former constituency. After winning his seat as the MP for Nkoranza North, Eric Amoateng informed Adjei that he needed his assistance to transport cocaine hidden in ceramic products to the United States and agreed to pay him (Adjei) $2, 500 for each kilogram of drugs he transport of which Adjei believed to be four kilograms.

Eric Amoateng, shipped the cargo to a storage facility at John F. Kennedy International Airport (“JFK”). CBP officials removed the heroin when the cargo passed through Newark and delivered the remaining cargo to JFK.

On November 11, 2005, Amoateng and Adjei arrived at the JFK storage facility with a van and transported the cargo to American self storage in Staten Island, New York. On November 12, 2005, CBP officials arrested Amoateng and Adjei when they return to inspect their cargo.

He (Amoateng) was then charged with conspiracy to import heroin and related offenses.

While in custody awaiting trial, Adjei encountered with Amoateng at the Metropolitan Detention Centre. During the meetings, Amoateng tried to induce Adjei to take full responsibility for the importation scheme.

Amoateng indicated that Adjei would never see his family again if he refuses to take sole responsibility.

Amoateng then gave Adjei a letter that stated Adjei was entirely to be blame for the drug shipment and he instructed him to copy the letter in his own handwriting and submit it to his attorney.

Instead, Adjei gave the original letter of Amoateng to the US government. The said letter contained inducement Amoateng promised him (Adjei) for taking all the blame for his shipment, which among other things include money to “retain a competent attorney”, money in a Ghanaian bank account, a car, funeral expenses and the costs of running a farm.

Amoateng participated in proffer sessions with the government and entered into a plea government waiving his right to appeal or otherwise challenge his conviction if sentenced to 235 months or less.


Pursuant to the plea argument, he pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to import heroin.

At the plea hearing on March 19, 2007, Magistrate Judge Mann questioned petitioner about whether he understood that he was waiving his right to appeal by entering into the plea argument.

Before being sentenced, petitioner objected to the PSR’s recommendation of sentencing enhancement for obstruction of justice for his attempt to coerce Adjei into taking all the blame.

However, his arguments were rejected, and the enhancement was applied. His offense level was reduced by two and three levels, respectively, for safety valve and acceptance of responsibility.

The resulting offense level was 35, which carried a sentencing range of 168 to 210 months. Amoateng was sentenced to the statutory minimum of 120 months and did not appeal his sentence.

A third person who used his credit card to rent the self storage facility for Amoateng and his accomplice was released from immigration detention centre last year. He was not charged with any offense, as painstaking Federal investigations exculpated him of any wrong doing.

A person familiar with Amoateng’s prison life indicated that he made friends easily with people he could feel comfortable with and networked easily with people of similar offense who were serving time at the 1800 Federal Offenders facility at 555 GEO DRIVE in PHILIPSBURG, PA.

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SOURCE: Ekow Shalders and Ekow Aidoo /News360gh.com EMAIL: paanyan7@gmail.com

Source: ekow shalders and ekow aidoo /news360gh.com

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