I advised Mahama to hide his gun - Gyampo

Gyampo Ffff Prof. Gyampo, is a lecturer at the Political Science Department at the University of Ghana

Fri, 9 Jun 2017 Source: classfmonline.com

Professor Ransford Gyampo, Lecturer at the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana, has indicated that he at a point cautioned the late Major Maxwell Mahama not to make his gun visible to others, especially when off duty.

Prof Gyampo, who taught the late Major Mahama at the University of Ghana, explained on Ghana Yensom on Accra100.5FM on Friday June 9: “I know he was a very respectful person. I remember at the University of Ghana, he one day came to class with his pistol and made it visible, and some of the students got scared upon seeing the gun. And, so, I drove him out of the class, but as he was walking out from the class he humbly explained to me that he had to quickly rush to class from work and that was why he brought the pistol to class.

“I understood that explanation and advised him that in such a case, he should try and hide the pistol from people especially when he was attending class because not everyone would feel comfortable with a gun around.

“When I heard the report, whether it is true or not I cannot tell for now, that the people who lynched him spotted a gun on him, I quickly remembered that advice I gave to him some years ago, but nonetheless the people who carried out this heinous crime must be made to face the full rigours of the law, they must be punished by the law to serve as a deterrent to others.

“We all know it is very painful and traumatic when attacked by robbers or thieves, but that doesn’t justify instant justice.”

The late Major Maxwell Mahama will be buried today, Friday June 9, at the Osu Military Cemetery with full military honours after a vigil was held in his honour on Thursday night.

As part of the burial ceremony, some roads in the capital have now been closed to motorists.

Source: classfmonline.com
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